Getting Started


Point Location 6709 is an LGPL licensed Java library for parsing and formatting geographic point locations in ISO 6709:1983 format.


Point Location 6709 depends on ANTLR for parsing geographic point locations in ISO 6709:1983 format. Please download the ANTLR jar file, and make sure it is on your classpath, for compiling, and using the library. Point Location 6709 comes with a tester that allows you to test parsing of ISO 6709:1983 format locations.

Building From the Source Code

Maven Build

Point Location 6709 uses Maven 2.0 to build, run unit tests, and create the project web-site. Download Maven 2.0, and run mvn compile to build the library.


Before importing the Point Location 6709 project into Eclipse, make sure that you have a successful Maven build. Maven will download all the dependencies needed to build Point Location 6709. You will need to define one Eclipse Java Classpath Variable, M2_REPO to point to the Maven 2.0 repository.