Getting Started


Daylight Chart is a program to display sunrise and sunset charts for a whole year at any location in the world. Charts can be customized, saved, and printed.


The steps for running Daylight Chart are:

  1. Download and install Java on your computer, if you do not already have it.
  2. Download Daylight Chart . Just one download file is needed -
  3. Unzip the downloaded zip file into any folder on your computer, keeping the internal folder structure intact.
  4. Run the "daylightchart" command.

Building From the Source Code

Maven Build

Daylight Chart uses Maven 2.0 to build, run unit tests, and create the project web-site. Download Maven 2.0 , and run mvn install to build. Then, use mvn eclipse:eclipse to regenerate the Eclipse project files.


Before importing the Daylight Chart project into Eclipse, make sure that you have a successful Maven build. Maven will download all the dependencies needed to build Daylight Chart. You will need to define one Eclipse Java Classpath Variable, M2_REPO to point to the Maven 2.0 repository.


All of the dependencies are distributed in their unmodified binary form. Please refer to their individual licenses for license terms.